Molli Labs is the new label from Matt Davey and Oliver Greschke, who have been collaborating on apps (Elastic Drums, Elastic FX, Flip Sampler) in various constellations for years already.
Molli Labs plan to release several smaller but very „playable“ effects and instruments with their own character in the near future.

Matt Davey is a C++ and Pure Data specialist with over 20 years experience in audio programming. He created the synthesized sounds and effects in Elastic Drums and the multi-channel beat looping engine in Ninja Tunes’ Jamm Pro and was part of the development team of Andrew Huang’s Flip Sampler app.

Oliver Greschke is an established developer in the music app world. He’s the creator of the well-known iOS drum synthesizer app Elastic Drums and the effects app Elastic FX. He is part of the development team of Andrew Huang’s Flip Sampler app, has collaborated with electronic music legends Mouse on Mars on their MoMinstruments platform and released music under the moniker Magnum 38 on Berlin label Shitkatapult.


Located in a secure facility underground between Berlin, Germany and Margaret River in the far South West of Australia, Molli Laboratories is home to a dedicated team of engineers and scientists from around the globe.

Working largely in secret, they have perfected a novel form of audio hyper-synthesis known as Chemical Signal Bonding. Rather than relying on traditional analogue or digital electronic signal processing, the heart of Molli instruments are carefully designed chemical reactions, coded into software to manipulate and bond audio signals on the atomic level. 

Contact information

Email: info 🤘🏿 mollilabs 🏝 com